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Dear Carbs

Dear Carbs,

I miss you. Sure I’ve been eating a bit more of you than I have for the past week with my oatmeal and yogurt w/ honey, but I still miss the bun on the burger, the tortilla to my taco, the thought of brunch without cringing at the carb count in a mimosa.

I miss the way you taste in my stomach when I take a tortilla scoop and plunge it into the dip filled with cream cheese, chili and cheddar cheese. I miss the bacon, chicken and cheese on the perfect bread covered with ranch sauce diving into my stomach. Sure, you’re not healthy and when I eat you, in the back of my mind I’m like WHHHHY, but those few minutes of happiness – I miss those.

With the weather changing and the darkness coming earlier, I can not WAIT to eat the crap out of you. In one week when I bake cookies for my office – trust me, I would LOVE to say that I’m not going to taste the cookie dough, but I will in all of it’s carb filled glory.

That night, I will most likely need to make two batches. One for the office and one for my stomach because I need to fill the carbless hole that is developing in my body.

I can’t wait carbs, but till then – please stop taunting me with your looks and the visions of me diving into chocolate chip cookies, mac and cheese and pizza – it’ makes me drool and that’s not cute.

xoxo your beloved friend who misses you and will see you soon,



One week in

So it’s been a week since I started keto and here is what I discovered.

The first few days SUCK like they are the worst. You’re constantly hungry and all you wanna do is say FUCK IT and eat whatever you want, but you don’t because you know that your body isn’t in it yet and that that one day of doing keto would have been for nothing!

My bf and I over the weekend had several moments of looking at each other being like should we say F it and go to brunch? should we say F it and make that delicious dip w/ scoops and trust me the temptation is SO there, but we didn’t. We stuck to it.

In fact we stuck to it SO well that we decided on a pretty simple Keto recipe – one of those one’s that are so weird, but actually sound good and guess what guys – it WORKED AND tasted DELICIOUS.

We made a buffalo chicken pizza WITH chicken crust – I know. Here’s the recipe:

Seriously click it, make it, love it. It’s SO boss. We liked it so much that I actually made it again the next day – yeah I know.

As much as I appreciate keto, I have to admit that this is something that as a past personal trainer I would probably never recommend to my clients. I like the aspect that you lose weight super quick and that you get to eat the shit that you normally don’t get to when you’re looking to lose weight. However, I can’t get behind the fact that a “healthy” diet is meat and cheese when really your diet should be well balanced and maybe nix the carbs like bread and pasta for a bit.

Therefore, after a week of keto, I am adding back in fruits/yogurts and healthy grains such as granola and oatmeal into my diet. I feel like I got the benefit out of Keto that I was looking for which was pretty much to get myself back on a healthier track. (it was bit of an intense way to do it, but I’m happy with the results). Now I definitely appreciate yogurt, honey and granola and am So looking forward to having oatmeal, banana and peanut butter tomorrow.

I’ll most likely do this for one more week and then hey guess what it’s Turkey Time baby!



Kinda keto going Keto

Hi again,

So I am giving this another whirl…

I tried keto awhile ago at about 50g of carbs a day, but at the time I was also trying to workout constantly, my job required me to lift a lot, run around a lot and honestly while trying to get into ketosis – my body could’ do it. It was just SO hard and i needed the carbs for energy. Since then, my job has changed, my life style has changed and I am definitely more sedimentary (which I know isn’t good… but I’m working on a good workout routine :)) I figured now out of any time is a good time to get keto going. SO I’ve been SUPER glutenous for the past few days (wanted to look at pasta/burgers/tacos and be like ew). I’ve been eating too many cookies, candy (thanks halloween) and thankfully my dairy sensitivity keeps me away from ice cream. SO HERE WE GO.

I’m also only doing this till 11/17 which is when I head home to California and anticipate eating WAY too much taco wagon and all my favorite home town delicious grub that I miss so much.

Today to start I am having an iced cold brew by starbucks for a total of 0G of carbs. Recently, I discovered that Dunkin has 3G of carbs in their coffee… not sure how that happens with coffee, but needless to say, the boyf and I are moving to Starbucks for the 0G to start the day.

For Lunch I have packed 2 hard boiled eggs, 3 lettuce sticks and 2 string cheeses. knowing myself, I KNOW that i will be hungry by 3P so I am going to save one of the string cheese for 3P snack time.

For dinner, we’re looking at a taco salad which will be ground turkey meat, tomatoes, onions and maybe a dollop of tuffuti sour cream ((need to check on those carbs)) with some lettuce…. I think.

So far I am already hungry…. thanks stomach, but the cold brew coffee is a nice thing to sip on till 12/12:30/1P lunch time.

LEt’s see how I do this time!

Wish me luck Ketoans!


Day 3

6/21/2017 (Yey! Still Summer!)

Okay so get this – of course after I go on and on about not counting carbs and this n that, I FORGOT MY OATMEAL…. the one meal I have a day that has all the carbs and i forget it, if anything this would be the day TO count, but I’m not gonna…. nope. Going to stay strong!

Breakfast thus far:

  • 2 hardboiled eggs (I know…. like the best breakfast ever)
  • 1 black coffee (Yes black and no, not for the diet, I honestly am the weirdo who really likes black coffee… you can ask my boyf…)

Also – side note – I want to give a shout out to my awesome boyf who is doing Keto and killing it. He’s lost like 7 lbs in the past weekish and I am super proud of him despite me wanting to get burgers, fries, taco bell – he’s the best and I am lucky to have him 🙂 (Gushy moment over)

Lunch time and guess what? Someone had a vendor who brought in a TACO BAR… whoa.

However, I did manage to keep it keto friendly (pat on the back for meee!)

Here’s what’s for lunch:

  • A bowl of lettuce
  • a bit of pork (obsessed with pork btw)
  • guacamole
  • cheese
  • sourcream

I must say it’s SUPER hard not to look at the carbs in these things above… but I know once I start – I won’t stop. okay I’ll be honest, I just did it and I’m still in the green as they say minus the guac which i DID NOT look up cause I know avocado is already high in carbs. I was just really curious about the pork and sourcream as I know typically those are both bad for you.

Maybe I’ll be a ketoan without even trying…. maybe…. we’ll see what happens when I get hungry again… 🙂


Kinda kinda Keto

6/21/2017 (Yey! It’s Summer!)

Hey guys,

So I have a bit of a confession – i have realized that i am SO NOT a Ketoan. I know most of you are thinking – girl! you did it for 2 days! – but honestly, it’s just not for me. I could see the benefit of it if I had a big modeling gig coming up or something where i had to wear nothing, but I don’t. Sure, I know it’s bikini season, but I would much rather enjoy eating food and looking good than depriving myself all summer long.

So I have decided that I am still going to follow the keto guidelines (kinda) but I’m going to STOP counting my carbs. and I am going to eat the food I want (to a limit), but also have a good exercise routine.

Here is why – yesterday, I was feeling GOOD! I walked around on my break, came back and ate my eggs and was feeling ready for the gym, but then on my walk to the gym, i was SO hungry. like SO hungry to the point where I couldn’t even think about working out. My mind got fuzzy and i just went home. Being a personal trainer (past), I know how important it is to have energy to go to the gym – going to the gym without energy is like starting a car without gas  – it just doesn’t work. I wanted to do arms, but the idea of lifting anything more then 4lbs sounded exhausting (and I am SO not a whimp – i judge myself too hard sometimes). So here is what we will do:

I am going to cut out carbs (during the week) like: Pasta & bread and those who knows me know i LOVE pasta and bread – seriously one time I had a FULL ON convo with this girl about bread and butter and how much we loved it  – no joke, my first friend in college (Serious). and i am a lover of Mac and cheese so this is no easy task. I will also try to cut out sweets and limit myself to one day (if that) and those who know me know that my sugar tooth outweighs my pasta/bread tooth.

I am going to keep this blog and am going to write out what I eat, but w/o the carbs (G) attached and my exercising for the day. I’ll probably (maybe) be under 100G but the constant counting, craving, not eating part is killing me so we’re going to do it this way.


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Day 2

Tuesday 6/20/2017

Let me start off by saying that Tuesdays SUCK. I honestly hate Tuesdays (especially in the summer….) Why? Well I’ll tell you. Monday is right after the weekend – you’re still dreaming of your sleepy sunday, rowdy saturday, silly friday. Wednesday is hump day, you’re in the middle – almost there. Thursday is pretty much an extended weekend – you just SHOULD be home by midnight and Friday is Friday (duh). Tuesday however… you’re in the week. You are stuck. Wednesday isn’t here yet, the weekend is GONE, it’s the WORST.

Anyways, enough about me hating Tuesdays. Here is what I have eaten for breakfast 🙂

My Oatmeal (duh) with PB & Honey @ 50G of carbs

Something that I have come to realize is that I like having my big meal in the morning mostly because it helps to burn it off throughout the day. As most people say, breakfast is the most important part of your day and it’s super true. It’s what gets you up and going in the AM and gives you a nice base for the day 🙂

It’s Lunch time! Finally!

Last night I made these chicken, avocado roll ups. I’m sure most of you are like… what!? Roll up? What did you roll it up with? A tortilla of course, but hey guess what I found?! A tortilla with only 4 NET carbs – cut that puppy in half, it’s only 2 – yup… boss. (I know a tortilla is a ketoans worst nightmare, but I’m stoked on this find)

Here is what it consisted of (try not to drool)

  • 1/2 Avocado
    • 2G
  • Chicken – cut up into tiny pieces and cooked
    • 0G
  • a bloop of tofutti sour cream – I like to stay away from dairy if possible (bloop is equivalent to a T)
    • 2G
  • 5 cherry tomatoes cut up
    • 2.35G
  • Tortilla rolled up and cut in half
    • 2G
  • 1 thing of cheese (YAS)
    • 0G

This makes for a total of: 8.35G for a chicken avocado roll up.

I promise I’ll take pictures next time and post some more info, but this baby is going to last me 4 days of lunch. I’ll also enjoy myself some hard boiled eggs pre gym (so I’m not starving like yesterday… seriously that was rough!)

Total thus far (inl HB eggs): 59.60


Day 1

Monday 6/29/2017

This isn’t “technically” day 1 for me as I have been “kinda ketoing” all weekend. My bf just started the keto process and I am doing my best to support him in his journey while still doing my own bit of “kinda-ing” in the process. But here is Day 1 for today 🙂 (because last night I definitely was a non ketoan)

11:00A For breakfast I indulged in the following:

  • 1 Packet Quaker Oats Plain Oatmeal
    • Carbs: 27G
  • 2 Tablespoons peanut butter
    • Carbs: 6G (not too shabby….)
  • 1 Tablespoon honey
    • Carbs: 17G (dayum)

All in all, it was a delicious 50 carb breakfast. I know all you ketoans are like WHAT – oatmeal?! Remember I’m doing my own thang. Giving it a go and seeing what the results will be. If it doesn’t work, i’ll be honest and admit defeat, but I love food.

2:20P For lunch, I kept it more keto friendly (so ketoans, you can breathe with this one)

  • 1 packet of sliced provolone & salami – 24 cuts of each
    • Carbs per packet: 3G

Currently we are at a total of 53G of carbs which leaves a whole bustle of them to go. I’ll let you know what’s in stock for dinner 😀

3:20P Just had the tiniest piece of dark 61% cacao chocolate

  • Valrhona dark chocolate 61%
    • Carbs: 6G

So far 59 Carbs!

I’ll be honest – after 3:20P I was SO hungry and contemplating my desire to stay below 100G of carbs because I LOVE them. (who doesn’t?). But I got up and I pushed myself to go to the gym (in the pouring rain – you should be proud) and did some cardio and then once I was SUPER DUPER starving, I went to the grocery store….. talk about cranky.

Anyways – for dinner, here is what I consumed (and it was DELICIOUS)

a Turkey burger in a lettuce wrap -YES

  • 1 Turkey Burger
    • Carbs 1G
  • Half an avocado
    • Net Carbs 2G
  • 3 cherry tomatoes
    • Carbs 1.41G
  • 1 Lettuce head
    • Carbs 0.7G
  • 1 little piece of onion
    • Carbs 0.8G
  • 1 slice of cheese (one of the MANY reasons I LOVE This diet)
    • Carbs 0G (Yassss)

This diet so far isn’t as bad – of course I’m going the easy route, but if you really push yourself and want it, it should work. Just remember that you are changing your diet which WILL effect your body and you’re mood. Sorry babe, I know I was cranky last night ❤

Total for Day 1: 67.70G