Day 1

Monday 6/29/2017

This isn’t “technically” day 1 for me as I have been “kinda ketoing” all weekend. My bf just started the keto process and I am doing my best to support him in his journey while still doing my own bit of “kinda-ing” in the process. But here is Day 1 for today 🙂 (because last night I definitely was a non ketoan)

11:00A For breakfast I indulged in the following:

  • 1 Packet Quaker Oats Plain Oatmeal
    • Carbs: 27G
  • 2 Tablespoons peanut butter
    • Carbs: 6G (not too shabby….)
  • 1 Tablespoon honey
    • Carbs: 17G (dayum)

All in all, it was a delicious 50 carb breakfast. I know all you ketoans are like WHAT – oatmeal?! Remember I’m doing my own thang. Giving it a go and seeing what the results will be. If it doesn’t work, i’ll be honest and admit defeat, but I love food.

2:20P For lunch, I kept it more keto friendly (so ketoans, you can breathe with this one)

  • 1 packet of sliced provolone & salami – 24 cuts of each
    • Carbs per packet: 3G

Currently we are at a total of 53G of carbs which leaves a whole bustle of them to go. I’ll let you know what’s in stock for dinner 😀

3:20P Just had the tiniest piece of dark 61% cacao chocolate

  • Valrhona dark chocolate 61%
    • Carbs: 6G

So far 59 Carbs!

I’ll be honest – after 3:20P I was SO hungry and contemplating my desire to stay below 100G of carbs because I LOVE them. (who doesn’t?). But I got up and I pushed myself to go to the gym (in the pouring rain – you should be proud) and did some cardio and then once I was SUPER DUPER starving, I went to the grocery store….. talk about cranky.

Anyways – for dinner, here is what I consumed (and it was DELICIOUS)

a Turkey burger in a lettuce wrap -YES

  • 1 Turkey Burger
    • Carbs 1G
  • Half an avocado
    • Net Carbs 2G
  • 3 cherry tomatoes
    • Carbs 1.41G
  • 1 Lettuce head
    • Carbs 0.7G
  • 1 little piece of onion
    • Carbs 0.8G
  • 1 slice of cheese (one of the MANY reasons I LOVE This diet)
    • Carbs 0G (Yassss)

This diet so far isn’t as bad – of course I’m going the easy route, but if you really push yourself and want it, it should work. Just remember that you are changing your diet which WILL effect your body and you’re mood. Sorry babe, I know I was cranky last night ❤

Total for Day 1: 67.70G


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