Day 3

6/21/2017 (Yey! Still Summer!)

Okay so get this – of course after I go on and on about not counting carbs and this n that, I FORGOT MY OATMEAL…. the one meal I have a day that has all the carbs and i forget it, if anything this would be the day TO count, but I’m not gonna…. nope. Going to stay strong!

Breakfast thus far:

  • 2 hardboiled eggs (I know…. like the best breakfast ever)
  • 1 black coffee (Yes black and no, not for the diet, I honestly am the weirdo who really likes black coffee… you can ask my boyf…)

Also – side note – I want to give a shout out to my awesome boyf who is doing Keto and killing it. He’s lost like 7 lbs in the past weekish and I am super proud of him despite me wanting to get burgers, fries, taco bell – he’s the best and I am lucky to have him 🙂 (Gushy moment over)

Lunch time and guess what? Someone had a vendor who brought in a TACO BAR… whoa.

However, I did manage to keep it keto friendly (pat on the back for meee!)

Here’s what’s for lunch:

  • A bowl of lettuce
  • a bit of pork (obsessed with pork btw)
  • guacamole
  • cheese
  • sourcream

I must say it’s SUPER hard not to look at the carbs in these things above… but I know once I start – I won’t stop. okay I’ll be honest, I just did it and I’m still in the green as they say minus the guac which i DID NOT look up cause I know avocado is already high in carbs. I was just really curious about the pork and sourcream as I know typically those are both bad for you.

Maybe I’ll be a ketoan without even trying…. maybe…. we’ll see what happens when I get hungry again… 🙂


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