Kinda kinda Keto

6/21/2017 (Yey! It’s Summer!)

Hey guys,

So I have a bit of a confession – i have realized that i am SO NOT a Ketoan. I know most of you are thinking – girl! you did it for 2 days! – but honestly, it’s just not for me. I could see the benefit of it if I had a big modeling gig coming up or something where i had to wear nothing, but I don’t. Sure, I know it’s bikini season, but I would much rather enjoy eating food and looking good than depriving myself all summer long.

So I have decided that I am still going to follow the keto guidelines (kinda) but I’m going to STOP counting my carbs. and I am going to eat the food I want (to a limit), but also have a good exercise routine.

Here is why – yesterday, I was feeling GOOD! I walked around on my break, came back and ate my eggs and was feeling ready for the gym, but then on my walk to the gym, i was SO hungry. like SO hungry to the point where I couldn’t even think about working out. My mind got fuzzy and i just went home. Being a personal trainer (past), I know how important it is to have energy to go to the gym – going to the gym without energy is like starting a car without gas  – it just doesn’t work. I wanted to do arms, but the idea of lifting anything more then 4lbs sounded exhausting (and I am SO not a whimp – i judge myself too hard sometimes). So here is what we will do:

I am going to cut out carbs (during the week) like: Pasta & bread and those who knows me know i LOVE pasta and bread – seriously one time I had a FULL ON convo with this girl about bread and butter and how much we loved it  – no joke, my first friend in college (Serious). and i am a lover of Mac and cheese so this is no easy task. I will also try to cut out sweets and limit myself to one day (if that) and those who know me know that my sugar tooth outweighs my pasta/bread tooth.

I am going to keep this blog and am going to write out what I eat, but w/o the carbs (G) attached and my exercising for the day. I’ll probably (maybe) be under 100G but the constant counting, craving, not eating part is killing me so we’re going to do it this way.



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