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Dear Carbs

Dear Carbs,

I miss you. Sure I’ve been eating a bit more of you than I have for the past week with my oatmeal and yogurt w/ honey, but I still miss the bun on the burger, the tortilla to my taco, the thought of brunch without cringing at the carb count in a mimosa.

I miss the way you taste in my stomach when I take a tortilla scoop and plunge it into the dip filled with cream cheese, chili and cheddar cheese. I miss the bacon, chicken and cheese on the perfect bread covered with ranch sauce diving into my stomach. Sure, you’re not healthy and when I eat you, in the back of my mind I’m like WHHHHY, but those few minutes of happiness – I miss those.

With the weather changing and the darkness coming earlier, I can not WAIT to eat the crap out of you. In one week when I bake cookies for my office – trust me, I would LOVE to say that I’m not going to taste the cookie dough, but I will in all of it’s carb filled glory.

That night, I will most likely need to make two batches. One for the office and one for my stomach because I need to fill the carbless hole that is developing in my body.

I can’t wait carbs, but till then – please stop taunting me with your looks and the visions of me diving into chocolate chip cookies, mac and cheese and pizza – it’ makes me drool and that’s not cute.

xoxo your beloved friend who misses you and will see you soon,


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Day 2

Tuesday 6/20/2017

Let me start off by saying that Tuesdays SUCK. I honestly hate Tuesdays (especially in the summer….) Why? Well I’ll tell you. Monday is right after the weekend – you’re still dreaming of your sleepy sunday, rowdy saturday, silly friday. Wednesday is hump day, you’re in the middle – almost there. Thursday is pretty much an extended weekend – you just SHOULD be home by midnight and Friday is Friday (duh). Tuesday however… you’re in the week. You are stuck. Wednesday isn’t here yet, the weekend is GONE, it’s the WORST.

Anyways, enough about me hating Tuesdays. Here is what I have eaten for breakfast 🙂

My Oatmeal (duh) with PB & Honey @ 50G of carbs

Something that I have come to realize is that I like having my big meal in the morning mostly because it helps to burn it off throughout the day. As most people say, breakfast is the most important part of your day and it’s super true. It’s what gets you up and going in the AM and gives you a nice base for the day 🙂

It’s Lunch time! Finally!

Last night I made these chicken, avocado roll ups. I’m sure most of you are like… what!? Roll up? What did you roll it up with? A tortilla of course, but hey guess what I found?! A tortilla with only 4 NET carbs – cut that puppy in half, it’s only 2 – yup… boss. (I know a tortilla is a ketoans worst nightmare, but I’m stoked on this find)

Here is what it consisted of (try not to drool)

  • 1/2 Avocado
    • 2G
  • Chicken – cut up into tiny pieces and cooked
    • 0G
  • a bloop of tofutti sour cream – I like to stay away from dairy if possible (bloop is equivalent to a T)
    • 2G
  • 5 cherry tomatoes cut up
    • 2.35G
  • Tortilla rolled up and cut in half
    • 2G
  • 1 thing of cheese (YAS)
    • 0G

This makes for a total of: 8.35G for a chicken avocado roll up.

I promise I’ll take pictures next time and post some more info, but this baby is going to last me 4 days of lunch. I’ll also enjoy myself some hard boiled eggs pre gym (so I’m not starving like yesterday… seriously that was rough!)

Total thus far (inl HB eggs): 59.60